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Wood Framed Restaurant Chalkboard

Indoor/outdoor menu chalkboards with wood frames from $35. Low prices on restaurant chalkboards, double sided sidewalk signs, easels & wall menu boards. Perfect for advertising sales or daily specials!
Stains and painted finishes available on all frame styles.
Double Sided A-Frames
Restaurant Menu Chalkboards AFrame Design
Wall Restaurant Menu Chalkboards
List all of your daily entrees on wood framed black menu chalkboards.  Write house specials or cocktail lists making changes as needed.
Our freestanding double sided chalkboard grabs attention from 2 directions.
Wall Chalkboards
Wall Chalkboards
Green Frame 27x27 BlackChalk Board
Restaurant Chalkboard Red Frame
Wood Chalkboard 46x24
Chalkboard 27x27
Large Chalkboard 46x35
Wall Menu Chalkboards Walnut Frame 46x35
Menu Board Chalkboard Restaurant Sign Walnut Frame
Restaurant Chalkboard 35x24 Black Surface
Palm Tree Wall Chalk Board 35x24 Wood Frame
Palm Tree Board 35x24
Decorative Painted Blackboard
Custom Chalkboard 46x24
Shabby Frame 35x18
Restaurant Chalkboard Frame 35x18
Coffee Wall Chalkboard Shabby Finish, Chalk/Markers

Fern Wall Board 46x35
Customized Wall Menu Board Black Uses Markers & Chalk
Restaurant Chalkboard Menu Board Chalk & Markers
Chalkboard Black-Shabby
Custom 35x24
Ice Cream Custom 35x24
Coffee Wall Board 35x24
Chalk Board 35x24
Chalk Board 27x18
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Art Chalk Lettering
Wood standing easels for sale from $45. Many frame choices. Place chalkboard easels in entryways, sidewalks or windows to attract guests with today's menu.
Menu Boards
Free-Standing Dry-Erase Chalk Easel 39x18
Single Side Easel
Single Easels
Custom Easel Single Panel 39x18
Custom 39x18
39x18 IceCream

Palmtree Menu Chalkboards 39x18
39x18 Palm Easel
39x18 Wood Easel
Mini Boards
These little minis have natural wood bases, great for pricing items, inside glass cases, seating placements or name tags at dinner parties, weddings & meetings.

Call for custom sizes!
Why Buy Restaurant Chalkboards from Us?
We offer a great selection of wood framed restaurant chalkboard signs built with quality construction.  Choose from double sided easels or wall mounted menu chalkboards.  Our indoor/outdoor chalkboards have clean erase writing surfaces that use plain school chalk and liquid chalk markers.  These solid wood framed chalkboards are hand made the old fashioned way, grooved and clamped together in our workshop and constructed to securely, neatly hold smooth black writing surfaces in place creating a user friendly product lasting many years.   Finishes include exterior paints in solid, shabby and wood stains making fantastic looking chalkboards for restaurants, bars and retail stores.  These black boards are styled after traditional slate chalkboard models seen outside eateries, cinemas and drug stores from times past.  The handcrafted classic build of our menu boards reflects this nostalgic era bringing the same feel to your business setting.  Surfaces are similar looking to vintage black slate.

Easily show customers what's for sale by listing daily menus, drinks and more!  Chalkboards are an easy way to speak to customers and let them know what you have to offer. These handsome restaurant chalkboards are ideal for attracting public interest.
Write compelling messages to customers!  Using our chalkboard surface is easy as pie.  Design your dining list or unique wording. Write on black chalk board surfaces with traditional chalk or colorful chalk markers, then simply erase residue using a damp cloth or felt eraser to wipe the slate clean when new information is required.  Change prices and food listings on the spot when daily specials run short.  These restaurant chalkboard signs let users sketch drawings and cleanly erase catchy sayings and artwork.  Make itemized lists of refreshments, snacks and meals being served with the option of making changes as needed.
Restaurant Chalkboard Styles & Features
Our restaurant chalkboard frames have large black writing surfaces for displaying today's specials with handwritten advertisements.  They are the perfect advertising tool for any business and a great way to promote sales.  Bold writing will readily be seen at a distance.  Wood framed chalkboards can be purchased in A-frame style, single easels and wall mounted menu boards. 

Set our freestanding black chalk board signs right outside the front door of your cafe to show your offers and announcements.  Our menu boards are perfect for displaying daily meals, sales and promotional events like live entertainment, karaoke night, happy hours and grand openings.  A double sided chalkboard is often used for restaurants and trendy pubs to sway pedestrians walking down the street to enter businesses with attractive, funny or informative messages written in bold chalk. 

Sidewalk restaurant chalkboards with A-frame design are hinged on top simulating a sandwich board effect with functional chains positioned near the bottoms.  Menus and alluring ads are prominently shown on twin blackboard panels simultaneously.  These two-sided sandwich boards draw interest from multiple directions at once with bright words clearly viewable by approaching pedestrians and passing vehicles.  Display culinary delights or weekly discounts!  Our charming solid wood black chalk board AFrame sidewalk sign is perfect for attracting consumers.  Wet erase, dry erase chalk menu boards are available in different sizes and finishes, and our unusual assortment of creative food and beverage themes provide extra bling. 

Standing sidewalk easels are frequently used near entrances or where people are waiting to be seated.  This provides an excellent opportunity to let them preview what's being served.  Hand drawn words on these restaurant signs is an excellent way to display specials. These chalkboards are used by restaurants, cafes and night clubs who change breakfast buffets, house specialties or entertainment venues and want the freedom to instantly alter their messages.  This style restaurant chalkboard is a favorite means of advertising.

Menu chalkboards with black writing surfaces will summon people into your business.  Wildly popular, these wood signs are the fastest, easiest way to encourage sales.  Curious heads always turn to read handwriting created with artistic flair in eye popping chalk.  Brilliant colored chalk markers create sharp contrast against our jet black chalk board surfaces. 

Wall chalkboards are perfect hanging behind counters for showing featured dining fares and have attached hardware for simple mounting.  This style is a real space saver readable distantly for speaking to cafe-goers without taking up valuable dining room areas.  These sturdy chalkboards will suspend from ceilings for added advertising space in crowded cafes, bakeries and bistros.  The large restaurant chalkboards we offer with maximum writing space for listing lots of items are preferred by fast paced delis, wineries and coffee houses.  Add custom logos or unique sayings to make your board truly one of a kind.

A restaurant chalkboard is a cost effective advertising tool only purchased once instead of weekly as with other advertising media.  Start increasing your sales by purchasing one of our quality made menu chalkboards today.
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Wall mounted menu chalkboards are ready to hang. No assembly required.
Hangers attached
Dry & liquid chalk
Quality construction built to last.
Vertical or horizontal mounting
Add your name!  Wavy banners adjust for fitting the amount of specified characters selected.
Custom Black Chalk Board 39"x24" AFrame Sign
Custom Double Sided Chalkboard Wood Frame
Mahogany Sidewalk Chalkboard Double Sided Ice Cream
Double Sided
Chalkboard 39x24

46x24 Sidewalk
30x24 Black 

39x24 Ice Cream
Chalk Board
39x18 Custom
Black Board
Mahogany Chalkboard AFrame 39"x24"
Double Sided Chalkboard 39"x24" Ice Cream Custom
Sidewalk Sign
Menu Chalkboard
46x24 Custom Double Sided
Cupcake Double Sided Chalkboard Aframe Sign 39"x18"
39x24 Custom
Chalk Board

39x20 Coffee
39x20 A Frame

39x18 Cupcake
39x24 Palm Black
Ice Cream Custom
Black Board 39x18
Chalkboard Double Fern 39x18
Wood Frame Chalkboard Double Sided 46x24
Black Chalkboard 30"x24", Double Sided AFrame Sign
AFrame Chalkboard Menu 39"x18", Black Chalk Board Wood Frame
Coffee Black Chalk Board 39"x20", Double Sided AFrame Sign
CustomName Double Sided Chalkboard AFrame 46x24
Menu Chalk Board  AFrame Sign 39"x20", Double Sided Blackboard
Fern Chalkboard
Double Sided 39x18
Sidewalk Menu
Chalk Board 30x24
Mahogany Restaurant Menu Chalkboards Palm Double Sided
Mini Chalkboard
Table Top Blackboards 7x9
8x11 Mini
Board & Stand 5x7
3x4 Mini with Stand
5x7 w Stand
7x9 Mini
Mini Blackboards 3x4