Sprague Designs Chalkboards
Frames are made of solid wood.

Surfaces use dry or liquid chalk.

Cleanly erase black board signs with a soft damp rag or felt eraser.

Shabby means part of the paint has been removed for an antique patina.

Signs are for indoor outdoor use.

Quality made in the USA. Built to last.
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Answers to frequently asked questions:
Chalkboard menus for restaurants are perfect for dinner & drink selections! Wall menu chalk boards available in many sizes and frame colors.  Made in the USA.

Wall Chalkboard Menu Board

Wall Mounted Menu Sign 27x27
Blackboard Menu Board
Chalk Board Menu Specials
Fresh Chalk Board Menu
Beer Chalkboard Sign
Large Blackboard Menus
Chalkboard Gourmet Menu Sign
Market Chalkboard Menu Board
Chalkboard 46x24
Blackboard 27x27
Large Chalkboard 46x35
Message Board 27x18
Designer Frame 35x24
Large Blackboard Sign
Specials Board 35x24
Custom Sign 46x24
Fern Black Board 46x35
Walnut Finish Blackboard 46x24
Ice Cream Wall Board 35x24
Beer Wall Board 35x24
Ice Cream Menu Board
Never Late Chalkboard Menu Board
Palm Chalkboard Sign
Palm Tree Board 35x24
Coffee Cup Black Board
Chalkboard Menu Board Polkadots
Polkadot Board 35x24
Wall Board 35x18
Coffee Black Board 35x24
Custom Blackboard 35x24
Chalkboard Menu Board for Restaurants
Our unique chalkboard menu boards for food and drink displays are made of solid wood.  The smooth black writing surfaces use old-timey school chalk and brilliant liquid chalk markers.  Our chalkboard menu board signs for restaurants are affordably priced advertising choices. These menu boards hang on the wall or can be suspended from the ceiling by chains or ropes. Menu boards are used in all types of businesses from five star restaurants to pubs and country clubs.

Writing the menu on chalkboard signs is a great way to list your entree of the day and other tasty dishes for sale.  These chalkboards offer enough writing area to list food options with pricing, desserts and drink specials.  Easily display your newest fares, regular menus, mixed drinks or other custom message for customers to view.  These chalkboard menus are perfect for frequently changing prices and special item listings.

Wall mounted menu boards can be used in numerous places to display food and drink items.  These signs hang on the wall with preinstalled hanging hardware and are available in vertical or horizontal mounted positions. These blackboards are often seen behind the counter in restaurants, delis, drinking establishments and farmers markets.

Chalkboards are a great way to speak to customers and display menus.  The blackboard surface makes art drawings and bright wording really pop.  Quickly erase signs to change messages. Our special chalkboard surface allows the use of all chalk writing tools.  Liquid markers wipe off clean using a damp rag without ghost trails.  These boards will last many years with reasonable care.

Our wall chalkboards and themed restaurant blackboard signs are available in a variety of sizes. Finishes include walnut, oak, and mahogany stains, tasteful solid paint colors and distressed finishes. Select a shade to coordinate with your decorating style.

Decorative themed wall mounted boards are personalized with your name or special wording added to any customized chalkboard displaying a banner sign. 

Regular classroom chalk and eraser cloth are included with every order. Use a soft material or felt eraser for removing normal residue. A damp rag works best for cleaning the writing area to remove neon colored liquid types. Contact us if you have questions about our products or need something in a special size. Place your order today by calling or ordering online.
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Wall mounted restaurant chalk menu boards bring charm and interest to your eating establishment. Quickly change menu prices and food listings on the spot with erasable chalk.